School Store

As with everything else, this year will be different (but possibly better in my opinion)! Now friends and family can shop online at participating retailers like and a percentage will be donated to our school. They can still purchase magazine subscriptions and donate gift cards as well. Packets will be delivered to your mailboxes today which explain the details but here's the gist of it:


  1. Students (well parents...) will go to the website and register

  2. They will send out 6-9 emails informing folks about the fundraiser

  3. They will receive a prize code

  4. They will bring me (Miss Jenn/Mrs. Simmons/Ms. Pugh/The Library Lady) the prize code and I will exchange it for a super awesome mystery "HUGGER"
    *Bonus* They can receive other cool prizes if loved ones make donations

So now everyone has an excuse to do some online retail therapy! You're welcome. And thank you! 😉